We are the leading non-profit organization working in the U.S. and around the world to improve nutrition and ensure women and children have the healthiest first 1,000 days.

What We Do

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Armed with powerful scientific evidence, we change the way the world views the problem of malnutrition and what it takes to solve it

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We fight to make good nutrition for women and children in the 1,000 day window a policy and funding priority


We’re building a movement of mothers, advocates, thought-leaders and partners committed to changing the world 1,000 days at time

Who We Are

1,000 Days promotes action and investment in nutrition to build a strong foundation for children, their families and their nations to thrive.


Dig deeper into the issues that drive our work at 1,000 Days

“We need to change the way we all look at nutrition, childhood obesity and what causes a lack of good health — from the earliest days. That will help us prevent the worst diseases and health outcomes for the newest generation.”