82,000 People Standing up for Moms and Babies Worldwide

Last week – together with MomsRising, Care2 and Public Citizen – we delivered over 82,000 signatures to Nestle, calling on the company (and the other major infant formula manufacturers) to stop their unethical marketing of infant formula.

Watch the petition delivery.

Thanks to the energy of our collective community and the outrage that infant formula companies are prioritizing their profit over the health of moms and babies – representatives from Nestle agreed to meet with us to receive the petition signatures and hear our concerns.

During the meeting we made two clear asks.

  1. Nestle publicly commit to upholding global rules around marketing infant formula (known as the International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes) in all countries; and
  2. Nestle publicly commit to cease from lobbying to undermine global efforts to protect breastfeeding.

In the coming weeks we will see if and how Nestle decides to respond to our collective asks. But we are encouraged by the ongoing commitment from individuals and organizations to protect the health of moms and babies worldwide.