What We’re Watching – Priorities for 2020

Tonight, the President will deliver his third State of the Union. Each address provides the President with an opportunity to lay out his priorities for the upcoming year and reflect on past accomplishments. We will be listening for the President to cover the importance of nutrition and health care to moms and young children. We also hope he once again recognizes that many working families still need access to affordable childcare and paid family and medical leave. In December, Congress and the Trump Administration agreed on a measure to provide paid parental leave for federal workers starting in October 2020. We hope the President continues to build on this success in his speech, working toward comprehensive paid leave for all workers. 1,000 Days will continue to engage policymakers and our partners around the unique impact that access to paid leave can have on the health of mothers and the health and development of young children.

In addition, we will be listening for the President to preview his proposed budget for FY2021. Set to be released next Monday, the President’s budget provides more information on his Administration’s policy and budget priorities for the coming year. Last year, Congress increased the U.S.’s investment in global nutrition to $150 million, helping to ensure more moms and young children around the world can have a healthy 1,000-day window. Congress also provided additional funding for the WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor program, expanding the reach of this important initiative. In spite of these crucial improvements, the Trump Administration has proposed new regulations that will make it harder for families to access the nutrition assistance they need. We urge President Trump to use this opportunity to encourage his Administration to reevaluate their plans for implementation. 1,000 Days will continue to work with partners and Congressional champions to ensure that families have access to critical nutrition programs needed for them to thrive.

2020 promises to be a busy year. Congress and the White House must work together to address several key priorities. 1,000 Days is committed to ensuring a healthy 1,000-day window for all moms and young children. Over the coming year, we will continue to educate and engage policymakers and their staff about the supports, funding and programs that families need during this critical time period. Specifically, we will be focused on highlighting the importance of a nutritious diet during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. In the United States and around the world, moms and babies deserve access to nutritious food and the support from their communities necessary for a healthy 1,000 days.