Time to Move On and Move Forward on Health Care

Senate leadership and the Trump Administration continue to play politics with people’s health care. Senator McConnell is planning for a vote early next week to entirely repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—with no plan to replace it. This is a desperate and irresponsible tactic that will result in 32 million Americans losing health coverage. The impact will be felt immediately, with 17 million people becoming uninsured next year. Or, they may resurrect the already-failed Better Health Care Reconciliation Act, which would similarly negatively impact millions of Americans and put the health of moms and babies at risk.

It’s time to move on and move forward.

1,000 Days urges every senator to reject these efforts, and instead to turn their attention to finding real solutions for America’s health care needs.

1,000 Days is calling on our elected officials to work together in a bi-partisan manner to support and stabilize the health insurance markets and ensure women, infants and young children have access to comprehensive and affordable health care. 1,000 Days also supports continued federal commitment to—and full funding of—Medicaid and CHIP, which together provide more than 45 million children with health insurance coverage.

We look forward to working with Congress and the Administration to build on the success of the ACA to ensure all mothers, babies and toddlers in America have the care they need to thrive.