U.S. #March4Nutrition Twitter Chat – The Impact of COVID on Nutrition


March is both the one-year anniversary of when COVID-19 was officially announced as a global pandemic by WHO and National Nutrition Month in the United States. We know that immunity and nutrition are linked: good nutrition strengthens the immunity and overall health of moms, babies, families, and societies. Ensuring families have access to nutrition during the 1,000-day window is a key way to build resilience to future pandemics.

As part of our annual #March4Nutrition campaign, we are hosting a Twitter chat from the @1000Days account on the impact of COVID on the nutrition and health of moms and babies in the United States during the first 1,000 days. We hope you can join us!

 Host: @1000Days

When: Friday, March 19 at 11am ET

Primary Hashtag: #March4Nutrition

Important Reminders:

  • All tweets must include the #March4Nutrition hashtag to be part of the Twitter chat stream.
  • Retweet questions that you are responding to, so your followers can follow the conversation even if they’re not following the chat.
  • Responses should include the question number you are referencing (A1, A2, etc.)

Promo for participating partners:  

  • We’re excited to be participating in @1000Days’s #March4Nutrition Twitter chat on the impact of COVID on #nutrition for moms and babies in the U.S. during the first 1,000 days. Join us!


Q1: Nutrition plays a key role in keeping families and communities healthy and strong. How has #COVID19 affected the #nutrition and health of moms, babies, and their families in the U.S.? #March4Nutrition

Q2: The pandemic has hit some families harder than others. How has #COVID19 exacerbated existing disparities and inequities in access to #nutrition for moms and babies in the U.S.? #March4Nutrition

Q3: Why is it especially important for #COVID19 policy responses to focus on the needs of women and young children? #March4Nutrition

Q4: Now more than ever, our nation’s families must have access to the nutrition supports they need to be healthy. How has the Biden Administration’s #COVID19 relief package improved access to #nutrition for moms and babies? #March4Nutrition

Q5: What supports do families still need to access nutritious foods for a healthy #first1000days and beyond? #March4Nutrition

Q6: All across the country, programs have adapted to the #COVID19 crisis helping families continue to access the #nutrition they need to be healthy. Share examples of innovations you would like to see keep going after the pandemic ends. #March4Nutrition