Statement on the Global Nutrition Summit

1,000 Days celebrates the 2017 Global Nutrition Summit, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization, the United Kingdom Department for International Development, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Global Nutrition Report, for putting nutrition at the forefront of the global agenda. As the world faces competing challenges, we must remain laser focused on the often-overlooked crisis of malnutrition that continues to be responsible for 45% of child deaths and a major obstacle to the achievement of economic prosperity.

The Global Nutrition Summit offered an opportunity to highlight the critical importance and cost-effectiveness of good nutrition to save and improve lives – and in response – recommit to ending malnutrition by 2030, a goal that requires sustained political will from all stakeholders.

In total, the summit mobilized $3.4 billion for nutrition, including $640 million in new commitments. The Eleanor Crook Foundation, a U.S.-based family philanthropy, pledged $100 million by 2030 to focus on research, capacity building and advocacy for good nutrition. In a tremendous reflection of American generosity and leadership, thirteen U.S. civil society organizations pledged a collective $1.17 billion for 2018 – 2020 for nutrition. Additional commitments from foundations in Switzerland, Nigeria, Nepal, and India will also contribute to transformative programming. Several affected countries, including Côte D’Ivoire, El Salvador, and Madagascar, made commitments to expand domestic efforts to fight malnutrition. These combined efforts should embolden governments and donors alike to follow suit with investments of their own that are similarly targeted and impactful.

If we are to end malnutrition, efforts must be urgently redoubled to ensure investments in nutrition are reaching the most vulnerable populations. The newly released Global Nutrition Report, an annual publication designed to hold donors accountable for commitments to global nutrition, serves as a sobering reminder that almost every country in the world is affected by poor nutrition, devastating families and destabilizing the global economy.

Turning the tide on malnutrition will require nothing short of a “turbo-charged” effort. With new funding and demonstrated political will, the Global Nutrition Summit can be the spark that ignites a global response. 1,000 Days is committed to work in partnership with all stakeholders to make this a reality.