Why Support for Breastfeeding Moms Matters

The evidence is clear – breastfeeding saves lives. It protects babies from life-threatening infections and illnesses as well as conditions such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)—one of the leading causes of infant deaths in the U.S.

Yet recent stories in the news and articles spreading through social media are telling a much different story—that breastfeeding is potentially dangerous and that the “pressure to breastfeed” is leading to babies getting sick or even, in some cases, dying. This is false and misleading.

The truth is that many of these tragic deaths are sadly caused by the lack of support moms receive in this country to breastfeed and properly care for their children. Simply put, we are failing our nation’s babies because we are failing our nation’s mothers.

In this post-truth world, it is more important than ever to set the record straight with facts and evidence.

That’s why I just published a new piece on Huffington Post on the tragic consequences of our nation’s lack of support and what we can do to help moms properly, confidently and successfully breastfeed their babies.

In our society, many moms have to balance their desire to breastfeed with a lack of support and resources to do so. Unfairly, breastfeeding moms are expected to be their baby’s sole source of nutrition while also working, running their household, and somehow finding time for rest and selfcare — all with little to no societal support.

1,000 Days will continue its work to ensure the facts about breastfeeding win-out over misinformation.