Global #March4Nutrition Twitter Chat – The Impact of COVID on Nutrition


March is both the one-year anniversary of when COVID-19 was officially announced a global pandemic by WHO and national nutrition month in the United States. We know that immunity and nutrition are linked – good nutrition strengthens the immunity and overall health of moms, babies, families, and societies. Improving nutritional status during the 1,000-day window around the world is a key way to build resilience to future pandemics.

As part of an annual #March4Nutrition campaign, we are co-hosting a Twitter chat with Alive & Thrive from the @1000Days account on the global impact of COVID on nutrition in the first 1,000 days. We hope you can join us!

Host: @1000Days (the Twitter chat questions will be sent from this account)

Co-host: @aliveandthrive

When: Friday, March 12 @ 9am ET

Primary Hashtag: #March4Nutrition

Secondary Hashtags: #InvestInNutrition

Important Reminders:

  • All tweets must include the #March4Nutrition hashtag to be part of the Twitter chat stream.
  • Retweet questions that you are responding to, so your followers can follow the conversation even if they’re not following the chat.
  • Responses should include the question number you are referencing (A1, A2, etc.)

Promo for participating partners:  

  • We’re excited to be participating in @aliveandthrive & @1000Days’s #March4Nutrition Twitter chat on the impact of COVID on #nutrition in the first 1,000 days. Join us!


Q1: We’ll start at the beginning – how are #COVID19 and #nutrition linked? #March4Nutrition

Q2: What do recent estimates tell us about the threat of the pandemic on rates of #malnutrition? How has #COVID19 disrupted #nutrition service delivery? #March4Nutrition

Q3: Why is it especially important to focus a pandemic response on the health of women & children in the 1,000-day window? #March4Nutrition

Q4: To address all forms of malnutrition, nutrition-smart solutions must be a central pillar in any #COVID19 response strategy. How are you/your organization linking these solutions across relevant sectors? #March4Nutrition

Q5: Malnutrition is a major threat to the health & wellbeing of many children around the world, but it is a problem for which there are numerous, cost-effective solutions. Share examples of those solutions. #March4Nutrition

Q6: Despite facing multiple urgent challenges, the nutrition sector has worked to innovate in the time of #COVID19. What innovations have you implemented or organized around? #March4Nutrition

Q7: Governments and policymakers play a key role in protecting health. How have #COVID19 responses prioritized #nutrition – and how can policies be strengthened? #March4Nutrition

Q8: The time to act on nutrition is now. Explain why investing in #nutrition builds resilient communities. #March4Nutrition