FHI Solutions acquires 1,000 Days to strengthen a healthy start in life

FHI Solutions has acquired 1,000 Days, an advocacy organization leading the fight to make the well-being of children in the first 1,000 days of life and their mothers a policy and funding priority. The announcement was made by Nadra Franklin, Managing Director of FHI Solutions, and Nicholas Alipui, a member of the board of directors of 1,000 Days.

“FHI Solutions creates evidence-based, scalable solutions to improve nutrition and development in communities across the globe. This acquisition, effective October 1, 2020, will strengthen our combined advocacy voice, extending our influence in the United States and solidifying it globally, to bring better nutrition to mothers and children,” said Franklin. The 1,000 Days initiative joins two other centers under FHI Solutions: Alive & Thrive and Intake, a Center for Dietary Assessment.

Since its inception, 1,000 Days has worked to win support for investments in the nutrition and well-being of mothers, babies and toddlers in the United States and around the world. Together with the FHI Solutions team, they will make the case to policymakers, global leaders and those who influence them that brighter futures begin with ensuring that mothers and children everywhere have a thriving first 1,000 days of life.

“Now more than ever, the game-changing first 1,000 days of life remain the best window to support the millions of children and mothers who are struggling to get the nutrition, health care and protection they need to thrive,” said Alipui. “Joining forces with FHI Solutions will advance our mission of improving the well-being of women and children by deploying highly effective, science-based solutions for the highest return on investment here and around the world.”

About FHI Solutions

FHI Solutions, founded in 2008, is a subsidiary of FHI 360, an international nonprofit with a longstanding and proven track record of improving global nutrition through innovative, evidence-based and scalable approaches. FHI Solutions collaborates with a wide array of best-in-class global actors, ensuring that people around the world have the nutrition they need to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

About 1,000 Days

From advocating for evidence-based dietary guidelines for pregnant women and young children to providing parents with educational resources on baby and toddler feeding, 1,000 Days is committed to nourishing healthy beginnings. 1,000 Days, a long-time partner of FHI Solutions, powers change through the voices of thousands of people who care about the health and well-being of mothers and babies. 1,000 Days will become an initiative under the FHI Solutions umbrella.

Photo credit: FatCamera/Getty Images