Farm Bill Statement

On Monday evening, the Farm Bill Conference Committee finished their report reconciling the different bills put forward by the House and Senate earlier this year. 1,000 Days commends the Committee on a balanced and bipartisan compromise authorizing a number of U.S agricultural, conservation, rural development, and nutrition assistance programs for the next 5 years.

Notably, this bill helps secure the food and nutrition needs of millions of Americans, including families with young children. Rejecting politically charged proposals that would have increased food insecurity among low-income families, the final Farm Bill affirms the important role that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) plays in addressing hunger and poverty. 1,000 Days will continue to work with policymakers and our partners to ensure that federal food and nutrition programs, like SNAP, continue to meet the needs of women and young children.

The Farm Bill also authorizes international food assistance programs, which help millions of people around the world survive hunger and malnutrition. We are pleased that the conference committee retained important provisions from the House and Senate bills that would improve the effectiveness and efficiency of these programs, allowing them to reach more beneficiaries.

Both the Senate and House have passed the report and it awaits the President’s signature.

Additionally, 1,000 Days joined this statement on the Farm Bill’s international food assistance programs.