COVID-19 & Nutrition Impact Series: Action Against Hunger global report – The seeds of a future hunger pandemic?

As countries and communities continue to contain and manage the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are bringing together resources from the global nutrition community to highlight the nutrition and food security challenges, adaptations, and impacts due to COVID-19. If you are interested in contributing to the COVID-19 & Nutrition Impact Series please contact us here.

Based on information from 25 countries of operation, Action Against Hunger is alarmed at how COVID-19 is impacting food and health systems and the lives of the poorest people. We’ve seen how COVID-19 is exacerbating existing vulnerabilities, including food and nutrition security as well as access to basic services like water and sanitation. The necessary measures to fight against this pandemic have constrained both the movement of essential goods and people as well as disrupted food and value chains. This has led to shortages or a surge in food prices in different countries and regions, directly impacting the livelihood of millions. Fear of contamination within the community and a focus on dealing with the pandemic, is impacting the numbers of those accessing basic health and nutrition services.

Additionally, constraints on humanitarian access to countries already in acute emergency or conflict have limited people’s access to assistance and increased the immediate risks to life.

A fast and concerted human-right based response is needed to strengthen health and social protection systems, prioritise and improve food and nutrition security and to set a long-term strategic vision for a global food system that meets the needs of all. Action Against Hunger urges governments and donors to take every opportunity to work together and make early commitments to tackle hunger and malnutrition this year. Countries must commit both politically and financially to avoid a hunger disaster and support system changes.

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