What is a good first food for your baby?

As your baby transitions from breast milk and/or formula to now trying foods for the first time, it may have you wondering: What is a good first food to feed my baby?

Foods that are rich in iron and zinc make great first foods. This is especially important for breastfed babies since babies will start to require more iron than found in breast milk alone. Iron is a key nutrient that is important for your baby’s growing body and brain.
Iron-rich first foods include:

  • Meats like chicken, turkey or beef. Animal meats contain iron that is easy for your baby’s body to absorb.
  • A variety of infant cereals that are fortified with iron and zinc, including oat, barely and multigrain cereals. Look for infant cereals that are labeled “Fortified with iron and zinc.” It’s important for babies to eat different types of infant cereal – like oat, barely and multigrain – so of feed your little one a variety of grains, not just one kind.

While there is no specific order to introducing foods, it is important to introduce your baby to foods that are rich in iron and zinc.
And remember, talk to your child’s pediatrician or health care provider about any questions or concerns.
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