5 tips for healthy kids drinks

Just because it is a “kid’s drink” does not mean that it is actually healthy for kids. Here are 5 protips for healthy drinks for healthy kids:

  1. Kick out beverages with added sugars. Even low calorie sweeteners aren’t recommended for young kids.
  2. Look for juices labeled as 100% juice. And remember, a little juice can go a long way by adding water.
  3. Knock out the caffeine. Don’t kids have enough energy anyway?
  4. Make water the go-to drink. Great to playtime, mealtime and anytime.
  5. Give the right milk for the right age. 0-1 years get breast milk or infant formula. 1-2 years get whole milk. 2+ years get low-fat (1%) or fat-free (skim) milk.


Learn more at www.healthydrinkshealthykids.org.