RFP for Advocacy and Messaging Training

Posted Date: December 29, 2020
Anticipated Period of Performance: January 11 through February 28, 2021
Proposals Due: January 6, 2021
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As we enter 2021 with an impending new Congress and new administration, our global health and nutrition advocacy coalitions are mobilizing to increase investments in nutrition services in the United States and around the world. Together with our advocacy partners, we are focused on influencing U.S. policymakers / appropriators to fully invest especially in proven, lifesaving, nutrition interventions in priority countries, including but not limited to the Power 4: supplying all pregnant women with prenatal vitamins; supporting breastfeeding mothers; continuing large-scale Vitamin A supplementation; and expanding coverage of specialized foods for treatment. (For more background, visit our Resource Hub.)

1,000 Days is seeking a firm or contractor to lead a half-day workshop with up to 20 individuals (fellow nutrition advocates) to build a common narrative around the crisis of malnutrition and how the United States can make the necessary investments to save lives.

The individuals who will participate in training are already seasoned, successful advocates. The goal is not to ‘teach’ them how to work with policymakers but rather build a common narrative and present the latest evidence on what resonates with policymakers right now, so no matter which group is talking to which policymaker, he or she will leave with the impression the nutrition advocacy community is united around common goals and priorities.

Download the RFP