Samantha Chivers

Senior Associate, Global Policy and Advocacy

Samantha Chivers is a Senior Associate of Global Policy and Advocacy at 1,000 Days. In this role, she supports the organization’s policy, advocacy and communications efforts and coordinates the work of multiple advocacy coalitions.

Sam has extensive experience in the global health field. After completing her Master of Public Health at Sydney University, Samantha started her career as an adviser to senior management of a minority government on the Thai-Burma border. Samantha then worked at the United Nations in Bangkok, where she developed health policy and programs across Asia. She has also done academic research across a number of health issues. Prior to joining 1,000 Days, Sam led two global health advocacy campaigns for RESULTS Australia.

Sam holds postgraduate degrees in public health, communications, and politics from the University of Sydney, an undergraduate science degree from the University of Technology Sydney, and has also studied advocacy and leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School.