Working Families Need Flexibility, Not False Choices

We at 1,000 Days are very concerned about the Working Families Flexibility Act which is currently moving through Congress. This piece of legislation would have a significant impact on hourly workers – who are overwhelmingly low-income women, including millions of mothers with young children. While the bill sounds great in name, it misses the mark … Continued

Why Support for Breastfeeding Moms Matters

The evidence is clear – breastfeeding saves lives. It protects babies from life-threatening infections and illnesses as well as conditions such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)—one of the leading causes of infant deaths in the U.S. Yet recent stories in the news and articles spreading through social media are telling a much different story—that … Continued

Guest Post – Setting the Record Straight on Breastfeeding

Losing a child is a tragedy. As the Internet buzzed recently with the story of Jillian Johnson and the death of her son Landon, our hearts ached. Every mother, every human, feels her pain. Often, the best you can glean from any tragedy are important lessons learned. While it may seem easiest to blame breastfeeding … Continued

5 Ways WIC Works to Improve Child Health

It is a well-documented reality that children in low-income or food insecure households are generally less healthy than other kids. Early childhood, in particular, is an important time when a healthy diet can make a big difference for a person’s lifelong well-being. That’s why proven-effective programs that reach low-income families with very young kids with … Continued

Protecting Health Care for Moms and Babies is Non-Negotiable

Over the last several months, we at 1,000 Days watched closely as policymakers sought to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For young children and their families, high-quality health care coverage is a foundational investment in healthier and more prosperous futures. Thanks to the ACA, all health insurance plans – including employer-based plans … Continued

U.S. Government Relations Manager

1,000 Days is the leading nonprofit organization working to ensure a healthy first 1,000 days for women and children everywhere. Launched in response to ground-breaking scientific evidence that identified a powerful window of opportunity from a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s 2nd birthday – when nutrition has a long-term impact on the future health and … Continued


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Building Off The Momentum of #March4Nutrition

“Our boys are adopted. When we got our first son I asked for maternity leave and was told I could take a couple of days off if I found someone to cover your shifts. I got a 1/2 day off when our second son came and I got zero days when our third son came. … Continued

Cari Hourigan

Cari is the Finance and Operations Manager at 1,000 Days. In this role, she is responsible for supporting and coordinating day-to-day operations including finance and accounting, grants management, and HR. Cari joins 1,000 Days with five years of non-profit operations management experience. While most in the not-for-profit world find finance and operations to be the … Continued

Statement on the Threat to Essential Health Benefits

We at 1,000 Days are profoundly troubled by reports that the leadership of the U.S House of Representatives is working to take away the guaranteed health benefits that are critical to ensuring healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.  As part of the American Health Care Act, (a.k.a.“TrumpCare”), many in the White House and Congress want to … Continued