The foundation of a child’s health begins with her mother’s nutrition. During pregnancy, babies are entirely dependent on their mothers for the nutrients they need to help their bodies grow and their organs develop properly. For starters, during pregnancy mom’s nutrition fuels the development of a baby’s rapidly growing brain so by the time that … Continued

Acute Malnutrition

Globally, 50 million children under the age five are wasted, with 16 million of those estimated to be severely wasted. That is, 1 out of every 13 children in the world is not getting enough calories from food and faces an immediate risk of death. Wasting occurs when a child rapidly loses body weight as … Continued


Exclusive breastfeeding is a cornerstone of child survival and child health because it provides essential, irreplaceable nutrition for a child’s growth and development. Nonetheless, just 38% of infants are exclusively breastfed in the first six months of life globally. Exclusive breastfeeding – defined as the practice of only giving an infant breast-milk for the first … Continued


The number of children who are overweight around the world has risen dramatically in recent years. Today an estimated 41 million children under age five are overweight, and this number is expected to nearly double over the next decade. Children who are overweight or obese are at a higher risk of developing serious health problems, … Continued

Low Birth Weight

It is estimated that 15% to 20% of all babies born worldwide are low birth weight, representing more than 20 million births a year. Defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as weight at birth less than 2500 grams or 5.5 lbs, low birth weight is a major predictor of infant death and disease. Every … Continued


Anemia affects half a billion women of reproductive age worldwide, impairing the health and well-being of women and increasing the risk of poor maternal and infant health outcomes. An indicator of poor nutrition, anemia is a condition in which the number and size of red blood cells is so low, it impairs the ability of … Continued


Globally, one in four children under the age of five suffers from stunting. Good nutrition is critical to support the rapid growth and development of babies and young children during their first 1,000 days. Without good nutrition however, a young child can suffer serious and often permanent damage to his developing brain and body. We … Continued


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