Though our partners work across different issue areas and geographies, they are united in the common goal of ensuring that every child—regardless of where they are born—has the nutrition they need to thrive and reach their full potential. To date, over 80 partners have joined the 1,000 Days partnership and are committed to working together to:

  • Ensure that the nutritional health of women and children, particularly during the 1,000 day window between pregnancy and age two, is a policy and funding priority
  • Advocate for greater action and investment to ensure that:
    • The world’s mothers and future mothers are well-nourished, starting before they become pregnant
    • A greater number of babies are exclusively breastfed from birth to six months and are continuing to breastfeed for at least one year
    • Young children are eating a healthy and diverse diet of nutritious food
    • Life-saving treatment for malnutrition reach those that need it the most
  • Encourage a multi-sectoral approach to ending malnutrition in all its forms by working with organizations and institutions that focus on maternal and child health, child survival, social protection, agriculture and food security, water, sanitation, hygiene, early childhood development and education, women’s empowerment, humanitarian relief and poverty reduction.

As a partner of 1,000 Days, organizations benefit from being part of a diverse network of organizations; invitations to participate in relevant working groups, meetings and events throughout the year; and opportunities to feature success stories, research and reports through 1,000 Days’ communications channels.

Our Partners

  • Support the 1,000 Days Principles
  • Champion better nutrition and health for women and children everywhere
  • Advocate to make good nutrition for women and children in the first 1,000 days a policy and funding priority
  • Work collaboratively to bring an end to malnutrition in all its forms